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Somewhere in the Chesapeake tribe's range

((OOC: This takes place between the March 15 and April 5 sessions and is intended for capt_tobias. Please ask before joining the scene.))

Julian Chesapeake sits near the family caravan, keeping a watchful eye on the children doing chores as he cuddles Jay, the family's youngest. Still full from his last feeding, the tiny boy is a warm weight in his father's arms.

Young Pansy stops chopping carrots and glances upward as a shadow passes overhead. "Papa! Look!"

Julian follows his daughter's pointing finger, recognizing the shape as an airship. He stands up, shifting the still-sleepy Jay to rest more firmly against his body and beckoning the girls to move closer to the caravan, just in case.


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Mar. 27th, 2014 06:45 pm (UTC)
"Slowly, Charles! Slowly!" Tobias grumps. "I'd rather you didn't scare the winds out of my future in-laws, yes?"

At his request, the airship settles to a stop and lets down a single line. Tobias had made it quite clear earlier that he would be going down alone; multiple cables dropping over the side of the ship to dangle above the encampment would have made the arrival look too much like a pirate raid for his comfort. It is far better to go on his own and not cause a stampede. Or a counter attack. A shoot out between me and her tribe. Wouldn't Lily just love that?!

Tobias grasps the rope and lowers himself down the side, armed only with revolver and knife. The free-floating sensation as the rope twists in the wind eases his nerves as he makes his way downwards, and his nerves do need easing. Not for the usual reasons, though. For that he has a keg of pre-brewed tea from Lily. No, this time he finds himself on edge as he is meeting his inlaws for the first time and has no idea what to expect! Iris and Lily both had mentioned cousins who were handling the whole 'groom price' business, but how much information regarding... everything... had made its way back to the Chesapeake Tribe?? Tobias has the unsettling feeling that at least one point today he would be wishing he was in front of Imperial cannons instead.

With the grace of the Skyfolk, Tobias lightly drops off the last few feet of cable to land deftly on his feet. The ground feels too solid for his liking. Scowling at the sensation of density beneath his boots, he shakes his head and looks about. This is her tribe, yes? Right about where it's supposed to be from what the sisters said, so...

Arms held out at shoulder height with open palms, Tobias carefully strolls his way towards the nearest caravan. "Ahoy, the... camp! I'm looking for the Chesapeakes! Lily and her sisters sent me!"
Mar. 28th, 2014 01:22 pm (UTC)
A silver-haired woman in the elaborately decorated clothing favored by the Chesapeake steps forward. There's a marked resemblance to Lily and Iris in her features - the same deep green eyes and high cheekbones. "We are all part of the Chesapeake tribe, sir, but if Lily and her sisters sent you, then it's us you've come to speak to." She inclines her head to him in greeting. "I am Acacia, Elder Mother of the Yew clan." She gestures to two other women who are standing slightly behind her. "These are my sisters, Chicory and Daisy."

Chicory is plump and motherly, with more than a passing resemblance to Rose; Daisy looks much like an older version of Heather.
Apr. 2nd, 2014 04:03 am (UTC)
Licking his lips nervously, Tobias wonders what he should say next. In all his anxieties and imaginings of meeting the rest of the sisters' family, he had never gotten as far as thinking of how to proceed once he was there! After a few moments of silence, the pirate admiral whips off his fiddler's cap in deference to the elders.

"It's... ah... nice to meet you. All." Both hands work the around the band of his hat, a sure sign that he is somewhat uncomfortable and unsure of himself in this situation. "Lily asked me to send word to you. She found her father's relations up the northwest, in Old Borealis. There's... ah... also some orphans she's bringing in, a mix of boys and girls but mostly boys. There's also building materials for new caravans and some trading stock and other assorted things she thought would be useful to the tribe." Like three new husbands.

Running a hand through his hair as the NeoBedouin stare at him, Tobias sighs and shakes his head in self-disgust. I'm a pirate, dammit! A swashbuckling, rope swinging, sword flashing rake! I command a fleet of four ships, and it would have been five if I had really wanted! I'm the man who fucking STOLE AN IMPERIAL FRIGATE! ACT LIKE IT!

He stands a bit straighter and pulls his cap back onto his head, chin held just a little higher. "Sorry, should have introduced myself. Being on the ground tends to leave me untied and in the wind at first," Tobias apologizes with more self assertiveness in his tones. "I'm Admiral Tobias Areovane, Captain-Owner of the airship Crimson Lady. I'm actually hear for several reasons, but the main one for me is to meet you folks." He summons up the most rakish grin that he can, allowing himself to channel just a bit of his Uncle Renfew's charm with ladies. "Iris tells me it's good manners to at least meet the other person's parents before we get married."
Apr. 2nd, 2014 02:35 pm (UTC)
Acacia digests Tobias's speech calmly. "So you are the one Chrysanthemum and Hyacinth mentioned...the one with quite the Groom's Price." Her eyes twinkle as she stresses those last two words; one can almost hear the italics.

She beckons him toward the caravan. "Come...we'll discuss this over dinner, and you can meet the rest of the family." She motions to the small group of girls staring at Tobias. "Pansy, Dahlia, Alyssum...we have a guest - mind your manners."

It takes several minutes, but eventually the family has a meal laid out near the two-story caravan. The indrikkus hitched to it looks on with mild interest, then turns its attention back to grazing.

Acacia ticks off each member of the family: "You already know Daisy and Chicory; the girls are Dahlia, Pansy, and Alyssum; our husband, Julian, and our youngest, Jay." She smiles fondly at the baby boy in Julian's lap. She pauses as Chicory offers a platter of meat and flat bread. "Please - among the tribes, the guest eats first."

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Apr. 3rd, 2014 03:48 am (UTC)
Nodding his gratitude, Tobias takes a careful portion of the offered foods. "My thanks. I hope you'll forgive me if I don't know all the... social niceties of your tribe. Yet. I have a cousin in the Colorado Tribe to the south and west, but I understand their way of doing things may still be different than yours."

He takes a bite of the flat bread and savors the taste, thinking on how much it tastes like Rose's bread. Chewing carefully and swallowing, the pirate then continues to address the Elder Mother. "I know it must seem strange, my coming out of the blue like this. The other ships in my fleet had business to attend to, although they should not be far behind. Lily and her sisters are helping to oversee the orphans that your husband's family have asked us to bring to you. In the meantime, Iris and I thought it best to present myself so that you might gauge the... suitability, I guess you'd say? Lily and her sisters have talked with me about the cultural differences that might arise."

Suddenly shy again, he casts his eyes downward. "I love Iris. And I'm fond of Lily... and the other sisters as well. I don't want anything to go wrong with this."
Apr. 3rd, 2014 01:08 pm (UTC)
Acacia nods at the mention of the Colorado. "They're good folk...you say you are related to them? Through which parent's line?"

She pauses to take some of the food and pass it along. "These orphans you mentioned; how many are there? Are they healthy?" Her brow furrows. "While we love children here, life in the tribes can be hard, and Julian has told us that his people can be..." she smiles at her husband to soften her next words, "shall we say, delicate?" Her expression turns serious again. "If they are not suited to our life, they'll likely not be happy here."

She pauses to eat and drink, then continues. "Chrysanthemum and Hyacinth mentioned you and Iris...they also said that Heather and Marigold were declaring as well." She looks confused. "Your pardon, but when the girls left, we assumed there'd be only one groom price to pay."

At that, Daisy leans over to say in a low voice, "And the Elm sisters drove a hard bargain." Acacia gives her a look very like the one Tobias has seen Lily give her younger sisters when they've spoken out of turn, and she says no more.

Acacia clears her throat. "Forgive our forthrightness, but what is it you bring to the family? May we know your family ties?"

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Apr. 3rd, 2014 09:04 pm (UTC)
Tobias pauses for a moment as he organizing his thoughts. Some of their questions he had been expecting, some of them he had been dreading and some of them... surprised him. The, with the luck that has carried him through all of his life, it all crystalized in his mind at once. With a slight chuckle, he took another bite of meat and then set the plate aside; there was suddenly a lot to say, and eating could wait.

"You have every right to ask the questions you're asking," he concedes, "and I'll be upfront about all of it."

"As far the Colorado, I'm related by marriage. My late uncle Renfrew Aerovane was the father of Sabertooth Colorado, grandson to their headman, Cougar."

"The orphans? That's a bit of a loaded topic. I ask that you hear me out on all of this before jumping to conclusions. You see, we rescued close to one hundred children from Old Borealis. Life on the land is hard, I'm aware, but the place we took them from was far, far worse in my opinion. They were in poor health but have been improving since we got them out of the city. A combination of regular diet and clean air seems to have helped a great deal." He holds up a hand to forestall any protests regarding the number of children coming. "We don't expect your tribe to take all of them, of course. I merely propose that you have... first pick? Those that your clans doesn't adopt, we'll take to the Colorado to see if they can help. Those that are left? Well, I know a number of reputable captains among the SkyFolk who may be able to help. My ships are also bringing building materials and additional supplies to help handle whatever increase you allow."

Daisy's comment was not lost on Tobias, nor was how much she reminded him of Heather in both looks and temperament. He speaks directly to Acacia, but addresses the other sister's concern at the same time. "Yes, the groom price. I was wondering when the conversation would get around to that." He takes a deep breath before continuing. "Lily has done her best to explain the whole concept to me several times. There are days that I'm still not sure if I completely understand all that's involved, but I wanted to respect your traditions. Lily made it seem rather important, otherwise I would have kept my mother out of the entire affair. My mother can be... shrewd. As greedy as she can be, and believe me she can be quite greedy, she can be fiercely loyal in her own way. Since I am not the eldest sister's choice for a husband, she is using the groom price as a way to declare that I am Peregrine's equal. While I don't think Jonathan and Jack's groom prices will be anywhere near as high as mine and Peregrine's, I can see where you might be concerned."

Here Tobias grins wolfishly. "But I'm my mother's child. From the first time I met Iris, I made plans. You see, part of the original agreement between myself and your daughters is that set amounts of money would be set aside not only to help pay for Peregrine's groom price but the groom price for any man the other sisters serving about the ship might wish to wed as well. And this year has been incredibly profitable for us all. So not only have Lily and Iris managed to secure a goodly portion of what they need already? Rose, Heather, and Marigold also all have hefty purses set aside for them."

Apr. 3rd, 2014 09:05 pm (UTC)
Tobias pauses to take a quick drink, his throat parched from speaking. "My family ties. Where to begin with that?! I already spoke of my connection with the Colorado, a connection that I am proud of however indirect it might be. I'm not sure the rest will mean anything to you, but the Aerovanes are one of the founding families of High Tortuga. My mother, Abigail Fogbow-Aerovane, has one of the largest financial and mercantile network out of Helium City under her thumb. My cousin Henry Aerovane is husband to both the Prince and Princess of Mount Rain SkyLoft, a position of considerable influence and power. I also have cousins in Port Julianna whose mothers hold important positions of responsibilities. And I am also related to one of the most well known sky captains of our times," Forgive me, Jacob, "Jack O'Blood. That name probably doesn't mean much at all to you, but it does in almost every major SkyLoft across the continent."

"What I am bringing to the Chesapeake, especially to the Yew clan? Expanded trade. An airship, which can be used for scouting, trade and defense. Weapons, for hunting and protection. Alliances by ties of blood. Sons, by the marriage bed where possible and by adoption from outside the NeoBedouin when it's not. Status and prestige among your own people, because I *will* make sure that the daughters of the Yew clan can afford all the husbands it desires."

The wolfish grin fades to something far more feral and determined as Tobias' eyes narrow. Yet his voice, while firm, remains oddly tender. "Once my current obligations are fulfilled and all of the Aerovane cousins are reunited, and once the last cent of the groom price is paid, *this* will be my family. And I aim to make sure that my family are as protected, as well off, and as loved as I can manage."
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