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Somewhere in the Chesapeake tribe's range

((OOC: This takes place between the March 15 and April 5 sessions and is intended for capt_tobias. Please ask before joining the scene.))

Julian Chesapeake sits near the family caravan, keeping a watchful eye on the children doing chores as he cuddles Jay, the family's youngest. Still full from his last feeding, the tiny boy is a warm weight in his father's arms.

Young Pansy stops chopping carrots and glances upward as a shadow passes overhead. "Papa! Look!"

Julian follows his daughter's pointing finger, recognizing the shape as an airship. He stands up, shifting the still-sleepy Jay to rest more firmly against his body and beckoning the girls to move closer to the caravan, just in case.

A family conference

((OOC note: This post takes place after this and prior to this.))

After seeing Iris and Tobias safely off, the remaining Chesapeake sisters gather in Lily's room in their temporary lodgings. Unable to contain herself any longer, Heather asks, "Eldest, why'd you say yes? Now we have to get twice as much!"
((OOC: Intended for sunshine_player. Please ask for permission to join.))

When both of them are otherwise unoccupied, Dr. Chesapeake seeks out Mr. Harcourt-Rhodes. An astute observer might notice she seems more than a little concerned about something.

"Mr. Harcourt-Rhodes...you came from Old Borealis, did you not?"

Examining the prisoner

((OOC: This takes place after the April 6 session. Intended for ls_npcs. Please ask permission to join the scene.))

Carrying her portable medical kit, Dr. Chesapeake makes her way to the brig. She nods to the sailors on guard. "Fair skies, gentlemen. I'm here to examine the prisoner. Just to make sure she isn't carrying anything that could spread to the crew."

Assuming the sailors agree, she makes her way to the young lady from the Imperial ship. "Good afternoon, miss. I'm Dr. Chesapeake, the ship's surgeon." She winks. "As I recall, we've met, but not been formally introduced." Beat. "How are you feeling?"

Conspiring with the cook

((OOC note: This takes place shortly after the February 2 session and is a closed scene. Any player reading should consider this OOC information unless told otherwise.))

Lily enters the galley, looking first to make sure no one's currently about. Satisfied, she makes her way straight to her sister. "Rose, I need your help."

Once she has her sister's attention, she sets a small leather pouch on Rose's work table. "Make a tea with that - use enough of the plant as will fit in your palm - and serve it to Miss Worthington-Blackthorn, every day, at breakfast and supper. Make sure she drinks it - if you need to, tell her it's on my orders."
((OOC: This scene occurs shortly after this one and is intended for capt_tobias. Please ask permission before joining the scene.))

Carrying a cup of one of Lily's brews, Iris enters the sick bay and makes her way over to Tobias. Keeping her voice low to avoid disturbing her other patients, she asks, "Captain? Are you awake?" She pauses. "I have some tea from the doctor for you."

Tobias may notice that she's wearing the jewelry he gave her.
((OOC note: This takes place shortly after the events of the January 5 tabletop session and is intended for capt_tobias. Please ask permission before joining the scene.))

It's quiet in the Crimson Lady's sick bay as the doctor makes her rounds after the crew's latest adventure, carrying a steaming mug. Reaching the captain's berth, she taps him on his good shoulder. Keeping her voice low to avoid waking Theophilus, she asks, "Captain? Are you awake?"
((OOC: Intended for ls_npcs. Please ask before joining the scene.))

Carrying her leather shoulder bag of medical supplies, Dr. Chesapeake knocks on the door of the workshop. "Mr. Shepherd? Mr. Walker? Mr. MacLeod? It's Dr. Chesapeake. Might I have a word?"

[Sick Bay]: Women's talk

((OOC: This takes place shortly after this scene, and is intended for tgm_npcs. Please ask permission before joining this scene.))

The three eldest Chesapeake sisters sit with the new arrival, Madeline Pethwick-Trelawny, in the Crimson Lady's sick bay. Folding stools, their seats made from the elaborately decorated cloth favored by the Chesapeake tribe, surround a table moved in from the stillroom.

The table is laid with a modest but tempting variety of Chesapeake light snacks, and a pot of pleasant-smelling herbal tea sits nearby, a faint curl of steam escaping the spout.

Lily offers one of the handleless cups to Miss Pethwick-Trelawny. "Would you care for some tea, Miss Pethwick-Trelawny? It's camomile and spearmint; very good for digestion."

[Sick Bay]: Iris at her needle

With a little time to herself, Iris sits with her leather sewing pouch, putting small, neat stitches into the finger of a glove made from butter-soft hairsheep leather. She hums softly to herself as she works. The faint smell of herbs comes from the still room as Lily prepares her medicines, and at least for the moment, it's quiet.